Sunday, April 10, 2011

Spring might actually be here?

Today my mom and decided to pack the kids up and go for a walk around Buttonwood Park Zoo. They got dressed, hair done, wagon in the car, Rebel on a leash... we were set!

Then I realized that there was a 5K there that day. I was bummed at first because we missed it. I was ssoooo going to run it again this year, but thought it was next weekend. Oh well. Then I was bummed because parking was INSANE! We found a spot and headed out.

The kids didn't want to walk. Rebel didn't want to walk.

This wasn't the walk I had imagined.

I ended up pulling 2 kids around the first half of the park. Then my mom took over, so I kicked Phoebe out. There was no way she was going to be able to pull both of them.

Then we made them switch I kicked Payton out. About 5 feet into her walk she decided that her feet were too tired to move, so she wiped out... I was less than sympathetic. These are the kids that run around insanely on the playground. Seriously, this is only a 2 mile-ish walk around the entire park.

So we decided to race. They liked that, but Rebel was very against this idea and I ended up dragging the little guy. Once again - not the walk I had imagined :(

I am hoping that if we do this little by little, they might actually get in shape? Of course, if they keep riding in the wagon, my ass is going to look amazing!! LMAO  I could totally feel the burn in my hamstrings and glutes! Maybe this lazy kid thing does have a perk... but I'm still gonna kick em out :)

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