Thursday, May 19, 2011

Belly Ache

Apparently my stomach pain was a little more severe than I had expected. Seriously, I thought it was acid reflux or heart burn at first, then figured it must be an ulcer... NO! It's my freaking Gallbladder :(

So quick anatomy lesson via Health Central... this is what it's supposed to look like. I think that the fact that the damn organ is green, is pretty gross to begin with, but add the bile and acid and YUCK!!

Then this is what mine probably looks like...
Yes, those stupid little stones make it more disgusting!
I've been having pain on and off for a while now. The absolute worst was the weekend of my birthday. We did go out for Mexican, drinking, dancing and then followed it with breakfast at 1:30am, but I didn't know I was a ticking time bomb. 

I had the worst pain ever with some other symptoms... basically not fun!

Figured it was acid reflux, went to bed. 

A few "attacks" later and I finally decided I had to go to the doctor's to get meds for my "ulcer". Yup, I self-diagnosed myself. I thought I was good. Went in and talked to her and she said it could be a bunch of stuff... one of them was an ulcer. I held onto that!! 

Two days ago I got to go for some tests to determine the "exact" issue. I had an upper abdominal ultrasound and an abdominal x-ray to check for gallstones. 

Today I got the call... I need to meet with a surgeon to get my gallbladder removed. I have several stones and a thickening of the wall. Uh oh... that doesn't sound very good. BUT it gets worse! 

Apparently, if it continues the way it's been going I could potentially get an infection, that could potentially spread to my other organs and I could potentially become septic. Now, there are a lot of potentiallys there, but the whole septic thing could lead to death, so I think maybe I should avoid the potential for that, huh?

BUT - silver lining!!
 I was told there are 2-3 days of downtime for recovery... SCORE! OK... so I admit, I've been a little overwhelmed lately. Actually, the other day I thought I was going to get hit by a car and for a minute... or even less... I thought "If I get hurt, maybe I'll be able to sleep in tomorrow". 

I know, it's a sick thought, and I wouldn't ever really want to get hit by car, BUT I would LOVE to sleep in... lmao. My hubby works so hard and there are a lot of weekends where I get to sleep in on Saturday, but not lately. Things have been too crazy. The school year is almost over and we are both looking forward to some down time with the kiddos.

Right now though... I need to get them out of the tub. hehe. They've been in there for almost an hour! Ahh.... I love bathtime :)

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