Friday, June 6, 2008

Hot Mamas!!

Have you ever just needed to talk or work off some bad energy? Well, you are not alone!! Fortunately, for me, my friends feel the same way. Three of us have the mornings off so we all get together and walk. We average about 3.5miles, but don't ask how long it takes cuz that all depends on the day! The top ten reasons for stopping while on our walk...

10. Need to wipe boogahs
9. Need to take off a layer
8. Lost a toy
7. Mommy needs a drink (we're not very good at drinking and walking... hehe)
6. Need to get the kids a drink
5. Lost a sock
4. Getting the kids a snack
3. Kid jumped out of the sit-n-stand
2. Lost a binky
And the number 1 reason for stopping...

1. Somebody needs a hug!!

Now how you turn down a hug, right?!?!

I love love love my walks with my mommy friends. We were friends before we were all mommies, but I think we've all gotten that much closer after the kids. In total, there are 3 boys and 3 girls. Right now, it's just me, EL, and LH, but very very soon, JP will be joining us for our morning strolls. All of our schedules are different. One is a stay-at-home mom, two are part-time, and one is full time with summers off, but we all have the same set-up... Mommy, Daddy, and kids... animals vary between households, as well. Which typically means that we have the same frustrations, needs, and wants... lol.

We walk around the local zoo and then head in after we're through so the kids get to check out the animals. Or we head to water and walk the boardwalk with the breeze cooling us off on the hot days. OR we head to the back roads of the neighboring town and do the hills while EL explains the history behind each house. Where ever we go is special. There is always a ending we try to avoid if we only have time to walk and not play. That adds a hint of stress... but it's worth it!

The conversations change daily and we know that it's OK to say whatever's on our minds. The past week two of us have experienced a close loss, but even that was easier to deal with knowing that in the morning we would once again walk and talk with our friends. It isn't always easy to get up and head out, but it's getting better. We motivate each other and the kids (and Rebel) really look forward to it.

I know in the winter I hate being cold, so I can't even imagine going out, but right now, I'm relishing these little moments where I can be myself. I can be an ear or a voice. But most of all I get to be with my friends... I don't know what I'd do without "my girls"!

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elizabeth said...

Someone needs a hug! LMAO LMAO LMAO! I think of our walks as dual duty exercise, girl time and free therapy! haha. I'm so glad we're all so close.
And awesome score on those desks!