Sunday, June 22, 2008

I've Been Slacking!!

Ok - so it's been a little while since I last posted and let me start by saying - I lost a pound and a half - GO ME!!! lol... ok that being said. I know I was supposed to post about last weekend. I have to admit though, I didn't get any pics.

We went to a renaissance fair and there were people dressed in the garb that was popular in the medieval times. They were selling all kinds of stuff. It was a lot of fun! We actually had packed a lunch and ended up eating in the back of our Odyssey (I love my car!) I put the third row seats down and there was plenty of room - out of the sun!

I ended up grabbing 6.5 feet of leather so I can start making some of the toolbox jewelry that I have been dreaming about. I also was able to get some of the leather working accessories and tools. Chef Hubby got a new pouch for all of his "enchanted items" when he does his Live Action Role Playing (LARP). He also picked up some other enchanted items, but that's his little thing... lol.

This week I have been OBSESSED with my swap-bot swaps. I signed up for a few cookbook swaps and they went from needing 4-5 recipes, as posted to each containing about 19-2o recipes. I had sooo much fun making them though!! I got some pics, but haven't uploaded them yet. I will try to do that tonight.

I think I'm going to do Muffing Tin Monday today, because I don't really have anything planned and I think the kids are getting hungry. Have a great rest of the weekend!!

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