Thursday, June 12, 2008


One of my best buds, Elizabeth turned me onto Swap-bot and OMG!!! I love love love it~ I mean seriously, who doesn't love sending people things and getting mail?!? Today I got two packages in the mail. One was from a mix CD swap. It was actually a musical scavenger hunt... sound interesting? It sure is!

Each person had two partners and you create a mix CD using the categories that were given. For example, you needed to find a song with poor grammar, a song that told a story, one that was less 2 minutes, one that was longer than 5 minutes, or even one that mentions a country other than your own... sound interesting?! It was! Hubby and I were having a blast trying to figure out which songs to use.

AND - I got a package from Australia!! That's the first international mail I have ever received, so it makes it even cooler!! I was involved with a Sticker Swap and she sent me some super cool ones :o) I can't wait to use them, so I hope Phoebe doesn't catch a glimpse... hehe!

But now I signed up for the coolest swap ever... It's called Cookbook Craze! I have to make a mini cookbook for 2 people. I am so excited, but a little nervous... what if they don't like the food? Even more stressful... I signed up for a healthy kids cookbook. Now I'm not a diehard health nut, but I think I know what's good for my babies.

At least I did until I started scanning websites for other options for healthy kids recipes. Man, I hope that the people I'm sending the recipes aren't offended but my "ignorance"... apparently, cauliflower is the new pasta and potatoe. I mean I have a recipe for using pumpkin instead of butter and whole wheat pasta instead of the white for macaroni and cheese, but cauliflower instead of pasta - do kids really fall for that?

Wish me luck... I think I'm gonna need it!!

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