Thursday, June 5, 2008

Little Girl Growing Up...

Phoebe is almost 4yrs old and I know she's growing up, but the other day she blew my mind. She had me fix something in the living room and then stated, "Mommy, you're busy, so I'm gonna make my own peanut butter and jelly sandwich". OK, I figured that she would go into the kitchen then call me because she wouldn't be able to actually do it.
We could hear the fridge open, the stool sliding and the rattling of utensils, so I had to check.

She needed help getting the bread, but she had everything else out. Oh, and I had to open the jars. Then she got to work... Jelly

Apparently, she needed to clean the knife before she started with the peanut butter - yuck!

Now the peanut butter... choosy moms choose Jif... right?

She doesn't like crusts so we use the Pampered Chef cutter to make our own little "encrustables"

See - perfect!!

So when it was done, she ran off and ate it - sorry... but I think we know what that looks like!!

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