Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Better Late Than Never, Right?!?

So once again, going with Sycamore Stirrings' idea of Muffin Tin Monday. We actually do this a lot now... lol! The kids absolutely LOVE it! AND with the hot weather I don't really want to cook a meal so I get to wimp out a little - good for me and them!

From Left to Right:
bagel with cream cheese, cookie crisp cereal, cubed american cheese, cubed watermelon
edamame, cubed watermelon, diced chicken, parmesan cheese cheez its
bagel with cream cheese, cubed american cheese, grapes, granola bars chopped

So this week had a little less diversity because some of the stuff I knew was going to go fast, I doubled up on. It was really funny though when I was making it because Phoebe kept telling me I forgot the beans... apparently my kids are hooked on the edamame! Thanks Katy!!

I think that I am all caught up now - Sorry I've been slacking... I'm sort of hooked on Swap-bot!


The Fruid said...

What a great idea! I'm going to try this out, I'm positive my son is going to love it :)

katy said...

Thanks for playing and thanks for tagging me. I've already played that meme, though :)

Here's the proof:

I'm off to add your name to the muffin tin mama list -

katy said...

awesome tin, btw. and there is no LATE with this game - send me your post when you can. no stress, no deadlines, no worries. it's just food. ha!