Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Mommies Day

Chef Hubby left this morning to go to Vegas for three days, for a food show. I'm actually on vacation for the first time in about 5 yrs, so I think that was pretty nice of me, huh? I had a plan though. I figure I'll be OK as long as I have a plan. So my plan for today was to have my grandparents babysit, as usual, even though I wasn't going to work. Pretty cool, huh?

So we headed over to their house by 10:30 and after mingling a little, I headed on my way by 11:30. I was free to enjoy some alone time... ahhh...

I grabbed some coffee and be-lined it to LH's house. She had some work to do and a doctor's appointment later in the afternoon, so I only stayed for a little while, but we planned to meet tomorrow at the beach with the kids and my mom. (My mom has been trying to get me to go to the beach for years - seriously!!)

I got to run some errands before starting home to pick up, Rebel, my little chihuahua. He hates being alone and it had already been about 3 hrs. When I got there my mom was home (she lives downstairs) so we got to chat a little without the kids. It was so cool. Usually, we are juggling adult conversation and knock-knock jokes!

After a while, I off to nana and pepere's. They had us over for supper, and my aunt was there too... this day was awesome. I think I'm gonna have to do it more often.

Oh yeah, I guess I have to squeeze it all in now. In less than 2 wks, I'm back to work. Oh well. Enjoy it while I can, right? I hope Chef Hubby's having fun too!

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