Friday, July 25, 2008

Pics later

While I've been on vacation, I've been keeping busy. We started by heading to the campground, then wound up going to Regal Reptiles, Buttonwood Park Zoo, putting around the downtown area, playing mini golf and hitting some balls on the driving range, taking the kids to the playground at the Fort and going to the beach, having a girl's night out, saw the "Dark Knight" (without the kids) and I managed to sneak quite a bit of shopping into that. We even had some ceiling fans installed.

So now, I am home with two kids that aren't feeling well, and Chef Hubby is off doing a catering... it isn't the best way to end a vacation, but at least it makes it a little more tempting to go back!

Anyway, tonight I am going to try to post some pics, but please don't hate me if I don't get a chance. As usual, stay safe!

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