Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Camping... sort of!

So Friday we went camping for the weekend with the kids...

It seemed cool when we got there and were setting up. Don't you notice that things don't always stay the way you planned?? I mean, seriously, that whole "best laid plans of mice and men often run astray" doesn't even begin to cover it! See these two cuties? Don't they look peaceful? Well, this was the last time they got along!! Not fun!!

We go to sleep. The big ginormous tent we bought had a TON of room. We had a queen size mattress, a pack-n-play and all of our stuff on one HALF of the tent... lol! I told you we went camping, but I never said I was roughing it! Anyway, the kids woke up at 5am... seriously. I know many of you are saying, what's the big deal? They're kids. Well, my kids get up at 8-9 o'clock, not 5! Chef hubby actually thought we were gonna be packing up and going home right then. I was not being a good person at that time of the morning.

So being the awesome, amazing, adorable... (I could go on and on) hubby, he made us all an awesome breakfast. She how hard he was working? Well, if you look closely, you will notice our little hamburger grill sitting on the picnic table... it didn't start there. At first, he was cooking on our plastic table. I'm sure you can see where this is going - yeah, he started to smell melting plastic and had to move it! That was hot!!

See - told you it was a yummy breakfast...

He made scrambled eggs, bacon, and homefries... and COFFEE!! My man actually bought a percolator so we could have coffee in the morning! He even thought of the nondairy creamer stuff. Isn't he awesome :o)

Notice the ginormous tent?? Now this is the funny part that you can't see. Inside that tent we had a queen size air mattress, a CD player/radio (battery operated), a ceiling fan/light/nightlight (battery operated), a lantern (rechargeable), and a cool little travel potty for Phoebe, that uses diapers, so no worrying about spillage. Yeah, we were so hooked up!!

Then we went to the beach...

Trust me, they look cuter when you can't hear the whining, fighting, and shreiking... but we made it and now we are home. Think we should try it again?!?

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