Saturday, July 19, 2008

It's Hot!!!

OMG... I am so not good with the heat. I mean, I've gotten better than I once was, but still not good with it! Today showed that it felt like 96 degrees. I think it might have been an understatement. We have one little AC in the bedroom so right now the kids are bunked up in our room. Payton has her pack-n-play and Phoebe is sprawled out on her toddler bed... they look so cute and innocent. Isn't it amazing how no matter what the day throws at you. All the chaos, and tantrums, and fights... and when they fall asleep you can almost see the little halos bobbing above their heads.

Well, I'm gonna go settle in on the couch with the hubby. He got back from Vegas yesterday and we're still trying to catch up :o) Have a good night!!

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