Sunday, August 24, 2008

Check List

Ok... so while blog hopping last night I was reading The Lazy Organizer and she had a punch list called Mommies Mission Impossible. It's all the stuff that wants/needs to get done. She made it last year and then had an updated one recently. I decided that I need to go through everything that I've done just within the last few months and maybe I'll feel better. Right now I just feel like a big slug!!

Things that we've done in the past year(ish):
  1. Completely re-did Payton's room
  2. Completely re-did Phoebe's room
  3. painted one wall of my living (2 to go)
  4. bathroom wallpapered
  5. bathroom ceiling wallpapered - it looks soo cool!
  6. bathroom panelling almost done - one more piece left
  7. bathroom woodwork painted
  8. had professional install ceiling fan in dining room and on porch
  9. rearranged 4 rooms!
  10. bought new couch, a sectional... hehe (still waiting for it to get delivered though!)
  11. bought new computer
  12. finally hung wall mirror in my room

Just a few things that need to get done:

  1. Replace vanities in both apartments
  2. Replace oil tank
  3. Yard sale in september to get rid of all of our stuff!!
  4. Empty sunroom to turn it into my work zone
  5. Finish the bathroom
  6. Finish the walls in the living room
  7. Paint cabinet in Kitchen
  8. Stain the deck
  9. Somehow set up an organizational system Chef Hubby can work with!!
  10. Find a new rug for the bedroom

OK - that's all my little brain can come up with for now, but I'm sure there's more! I will try to keep it updated... wish me luck!

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