Friday, August 15, 2008

mmm... sleep!

So this morning I rolled over and looked at the clock... it was 9:45. Yes, 9:45! I freaked out. Chef hubby was just getting out of the shower and I asked him if the kids were ok. He said he thought so, but hadn't heard either of them yet. How could he have not at least checked on them? What if something was wrong? What if Payton fell off her little toddler bed and bumped her head on... I don't know, something?? They just don't sleep this late...

I jumped out of bed to make sure nothing was wrong! As I peaked into Payton's room, I saw that she wasn't in bed and neither were her blanket or stuffed bunny. She had crawled onto the cozy quilted rocker in the corner of her room and was "reading" a book to her bunny... hehe! When she saw me, she jumped down and ran over, "Mama"! It was cool.

Then we walked over to the other side of the house where Phoebe was sitting at her table, in her room, with a book and she had turned on her tv. Is it already that time where my kids can entertain themselves until I wake up, or is this a fluke?!?! I guess it doesn't really matter. In a few weeks, Phoebe is supposed to start pre-school, at least for two days a week, so we will be getting up earlier. I have to tell you though, after staying up to watch the olympics this week, this was a very welcome surprise!

Well, now I have to get my lazy butt into the shower so I can get ready for work. After waking up that late, there isn't much time left to get things done before heading out. Have a great day!

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