Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Oh yeah...

I was reading Anne's blog and realized that I forgot to mention the meal that Henry cooked for my brother and SIL's friends on Saturday night. It was so cool! We stayed local and made a whole meal using what the area had to offer. We went to the farmer's market in Manhattan, KS saturday morning and were actually trying to figure out whether we wanted bison, beef, lamb, or pork... yeah. That's when you know you aren't in New England anymore!

We ended up getting some bison tenderloin, pork loin on the bone (pork chops), and some polish pork sausage for the protein portion of the meal. We headed over to the veggies and although the corn looked super fresh and yummy, Chef Hubby said it was too "everyday". He instead grabbed some carrots, red potatoes, and acorn squash.

He marinated the bison in balsamic and coriander, brined the pork chops (salt/sugar solution), and then threw all of the meat on the grill. As far as the veggies, he roasted the carrots and acorn squash and salt encrusted the potatoes. After roasting the squash, he removed the "meat" from the peel and mashed it with some salt, butter, and brown sugar... can you say yummy??!

I didn't even think about getting a picture of the spread, but you can probably imagine it was awesome!! Anyway, that was one of the highlights of the weekend and I haven't posted any food stuff for a while - hope you liked it! As usual, if you want more specific preparation descriptions, feel free to ask!

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Anne said...

Bison? I'm totally drooling, and acorn squash is my favorite option in the gourd spectrum.