Saturday, August 23, 2008

Cool Ideas!

So I don't really feel well but don't want to go to bed... Chef Hubby already let me take a nap, so I'm blog surfing again. I just wanted to share some of the stuff that I've found:

  1. Cheap and free toys for young children by Simple Mom
  2. Stapleless Paper Chains by World Press Mom
  3. Scrabble Tile Pendant Tutorial by Make and Takes

OK - so those are a few... I ended up reading a whole bunch of stuff in hopping from place to place forgetting that I was making my list... lol! Anyway, Chef just shut off the tv and did the "Goin to bed?" groan, so I guess I'm done for the night now too. Have a good one!

I have tons of pics that I have to post... Lots of the kids outside, with ice cream, with their future boyfriends... hehe, Muffin Tin stuff, and even a few recipes. We also have Phoebe's birthday party tomorrow so definitely more to come! Everything has been so insane, I even had to pm one of my swap-bot partners to ask for an extension... man I'm tired!!! I will take pics of that stuff too!

Good night!

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