Monday, August 11, 2008

Getting Out with the Girls!

Today Elizabeth, Jenny, and I decided to get together for lunch because this is my last Monday off. Starting Monday, preseason at the high school starts and I get to work usual 5-6 day work week again... good and bad.

A major plus is that I don't have to be at school until 2:00pm instead of 12:30. That doesn't seem to make much of a difference, but it's HUGE!! I mean, the zoo doesn't even open until 10, so if we want to go, we have to rush in and out in order to get home to have lunch and do whatever needs to get done before mommy heads to work. I have to admit though, i am going to miss my three day weekends!!

OK, so anyway, we decided to meet for lunch. It sounds simple until I add the torrential downpours we had. I'm not even exaggerating! My camera decided to die on me so I didn't get any pics, but there were entire streets closed off due to flooding. Chef Hubby was in downtown and said that manhole covers were blown off by mini geisers. I wish I had picks!!

But we are diehards... we still got to lunch with the 4 kids in tow. We each had a helper though. Elizabeth came with her mom and I picked up Jenny on the way. It was yummy. Phoebe was sick, so she slept on the comfy bench while we chatted etc. Oh, for all of those people thinking I am an absolute horrible mom for bringing my child out in the rain while she's sick... She has a cold. She is a drama queen, and she was completely protected from the elements... I promise!!

We were able to chat and eat and enjoy the warm of the local diner. We like frequenting the local places, as opposed to the major chains, because it's usually cozier, cheaper, and the service rocks! Face it, with the big chains they don't care if they aren't going to see you again. They have so much money to put into advertising that if you leave, someone else will find them. It's just as important to support the local stores, restaurants, lumber yards, to name a few, as it is to shop at the local farmer's markets. Keep it in the area!! But always have fun!!

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