Thursday, August 14, 2008

Commercial Break...

OK... so I am an athletic trainer. I get to help protect against injuries, as well as, care for all of the injuries that do occur at the high school I work at. I've worked in the collegiate level in both Division I and III... and I have to say, after seeing all I've seen, I can't figure out what sports to get my kids involved in!

I was thinking maybe soccer, but then there's year round soccer camps that I've had to cover, but not much equipment to buy. The same pretty much goes for volleyball and basketball. I love my athletes and think that girls should have the same opportunity for variety in sports... can we please get rid of the skirts in field hockey and girl's lacrosse though?!?! I mean come on, they have to wear goggles and mouthguards, they're tough sports, wear shorts!!

Then there's dance and cheering. Both are awesome physically, but dance has all these specialities and cheering has the bimbo stigma. Gymnastics is cute when they are little, with the tumbling and cartwheels, but Chelsie in the olympics was supposedly competing with a fractured ankle... what the heck is up with that?! I think this sport takes it a little too far. I mean, in China they take the kids away from their family when they are just 3 yrs old! Isn't the cruel?

Right now, I'm thinking that maybe I will put them both into Karate so at least they will always be able to protect themselves. I guess my big fear is that later in life they won't just be arguing over who stole who's shoes, but instead duking it out! OK - I guess that I won't be able to protect them from everything so I should just be thankful that football, at least in high school, is just for boys, and at this point, there are no rugby teams prior to college.

Am I alone in my concerns? I might just have different views because of my position on the sidelines for so long now. Who knows? All I know is I have 2 little kids with lots and lots of energy and at some point, I am going to have to chose an outlet for them to release it all!! Aaahhh!!

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